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America VS The World

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Posted 22 June 2017 - 08:52 PM

I am kind of frustrated with the difficulty of tuning the American vehicles. I appreciate that they are in the game, being that I love those cars; But they are insanely hard to tune. The center of gravity in the 1969 Mustang is too low and the center of gravity in the Challenger Hellcat is too high. The newer Mustang seems to have a moving center of gravity or it feels that way. I have tuned these to the moon and back. I got the '69 tuned and driveable. I even won a championship race with it. (Drift Ring)

The Challenger I consider to be a car that is impossible to tune. It is too heavy. Even though it has the same power to weight ratio as the other cars, it loses too much momentum around turns, even in smaller angle drifts. America is not the best car maker in the world, but there are so many better options than a Challenger.

The 1969 Mustang is almost untuneable. Small adjustments make this car do insane things. you have to be insanely in touch with your driving style and really have an understanding of what you want the car to do to make this car work for you. It's less heavy than the challenger so it's power helps it through long, sweeping drifts, but like all Americans, through tight corners is just sits and burns the tires off no matter how much weight is over the rear tires.

The newer Mustang is waste of time. It's too fat AND too slow. It's the worst traits of the '69 and the Challenger. Even on the tightest suspension it wobbles, It drives like a stick of butter. I think to have 2 mustangs in this game was a mistake. Yes, the mustang is an iconic American muscle car. However, Ford's current nostalgia-robbing attempt at it isn't what people are going to tell you when you ask which mustang stands out. it will always be the late 60's very early 70's models that grabbed our imagination. The current ones are smoke machines for entitled college kids.

The American cars in this just do not hold a candle to the rest of the world. The GTR is heavy, but low and powerful and those help it's handling a metric ton. The challenger could never keep up with my GTR. The small Russians kill everything else on tighter courses and the medium JDMs kill everywhere else. The only reason I was able to score a win with the '69 Mustang is because I can get around that course at over a 100mph at some parts. Drift Ring is a horsepower track.

My Picks for American Cars in the game, if I were to pick 4:
1) 1984 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am
2) 1969 Ford Mustang GT
3) 2015 Corvette
4) 1969 Shelby Cobra

(I could add more but for the current size of the car lot, those are what I'd pick)

TL;DR Version: American Cars just about suck, I probably do suck at tuning, Medium JDMs and Small Russians are the best, I hate the Challenger and new Mustang.

You could claim that I suck at tuning, and no, I'm by no means the best tuner. This is just my take on the current state of the American car selection.

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