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Version 205 Update Player Feedback

Today, 01:45 PM

I'm making this thread so forum members can post feedback and opinions, which can be used to make the upcoming updates even better :D

My feedback:

1. Car Update

I personally think the car update is awesome (the classic Bimma + the Dodge), but it would be better if devs release a car that can be bought using Dollar too. It's actually a bummer since I've been waiting for a couple of months (since I started playing the game) for a new car, but I can't buy it using Dollar. So, I think the solution for this is that devs should consider adding 2 cars per big update: 1 Credit car and 1 Dollar car. This will allow players who earned Credit only from the game purchase to enjoy the car update better.

2. Graphic Improvement

I like the improvement very much! Devs did a good job making cars and surrounding areas into eye candy! Peak Angle may be a low-PC-requirement game, but it looks great! Thumbs up!

3. Scoring Improvement

I noticed that now score value is lower, meaning players can't earn score as much as before the update. However, this doesn't seem to affect the exp and Dollar earning (or does it? I only did 1 match to check the update). Clipping points also work better: the activation range is smaller, thus players need to adjust their lines and be more precise. This increases the game difficulty by a little bit, but the game doesn't lose its casual-arcadish difficulty. I'd say this is well done!

4. Tyre Styling

Another minor customization for the car: tyres! Well, most of the time, I think players won't notice the difference between each tyre set. However, I don't know if a different set of tyres actually change the car's traction. Anyone mind enlightening me?

5. Custom Lobby

I haven't tried this. Anyone mind adding some feedback for this part?

To sum up, I think this update is pretty good; I'd give this update a 4/5. The only thing keeping me from giving a 5/5 is the car update, which doesn't let many players enjoy it. The game does need new cars, but I personally think the players need to enjoy the new cars too. If an update is focused on paid content, the free users won't be able to enjoy the content completely.

I do understand that this game is still in development, and a vast amount of budget is needed for further development, but keeping the community excited and eager for more content is also important to keep the game alive.

So far, good job, devs! I'll be looking forward to the next update!

RPM Control: When you need that extra power... ?

15 January 2017 - 11:34 PM

One of the drifting basics is to keep your car's RPM high enough to keep your car sliding. This can be achieved by having high bhp or through fine tuning.

The problem here is that my FC has enough power (on level 4 engine upgrade), but doesn't seem to generate enough on 3rd gear, thus the RPM often bogs down or even lags, making it hard to keep drifts on 3rd gear going. While kicking the clutch is an alternative, it's not the best method to solve this problem.

Any advice on how to fine tune this thing?

A Small Guide: How to get yourself settled in the game

29 December 2016 - 01:19 PM

Before you read:

This guide is aimed to get yourself settled in the game, thus allowing you to earn both free and car experience without any difficulty, as well as helping casual players tune their cars a bit without having to be hardcore at car tuning knowledge. Therefore, if you are aiming to be a competitive pro player, this guide might not be for you.


1. Getting Started


You just started up the game; congratulations! Now you're a part of Peak Angle community. You get a free GT86 (and 500.000 Credit (Cr)), which is a nice starter car. The problem here is the car has only enough power to slide.

The lack of power means you need to make your car slide more easily using other means. This will be discussed in the next section.


2. Tuning for Beginners/Casual Players


It is highly recommended for players to fine tune their own cars. Why? Simply because each player has their own style and preference. Fine tuning can be affected by a few factors:
  • The car's base performance/stats
    Each car in Peak Angle has its own characteristics. Some cars have already enough power to slide while others don't, thus making it relatively unnecessary to alter some fine tune aspects of the car. some are twitchy while others are delicate.
  • The player's preference
    Some players may prefer to have a twitchy handling over a delicate one, or the other way around.
  • The player's means for controlling the car
    While it is recommended for players to use a controller or even a steering wheel set, not all players have those. If you are playing using keyboard, you might prefer having a more delicate handling.
But, which parts of the cars do I really need to fine tune to slide easily and controllably? Based on my experience, There are a few that casual players may need to look into:
  • Braking power distribution: make the rear brakes more powerful to make your car slide more easily upon braking.
  • Suspension stiffness: similar to braking power distribution; make the rear ones stiffer.
  • Weight distribution: I usually make the front a little bit heavy, making the rear end loose a bit.
  • Spoiler downforce: I usually fine tune this after doing the first three. If not enough grip is gained, set the downforce to a higher amount.


3. Part Upgrade Decisions


I usually ask myself these two questions before upgrading my car:
  • Which parts should I focus on?
  • How far should I focus on the parts I choose?

Here are the answers:
  • Focus on the parts the car needs. If a car doesn't have enough power, focus on the engine upgrades. If it feels too heavy, focus on weight reduction. If the car doesn't turn sharply enough, focus on steering upgrades.
  • This depends on your capabilities of controlling the car. For example, stop upgrading the engine if you feel the car has enough power (you can check this by testing the car after every engine upgrade). Try not to go beyond your limit since there is no downgrade feature (yet) in this game.


4. Dollar ($) and Experience Farming (FE & CE)



FE = Free Experience (used to research new cars)
CE = Car Experience (used to research new parts; a car's CE is separated from the other cars')

Farming Dollar ($) is relatively easy even for a beginner. Simply play the game, gain drift points, and bank it. You earn $ based on the drift points you bank in a match.

Similar to $, you earn FE and CE based on the drift points you bank in a match.

Not earning big enough? This is where the Bonus Cards come in really handy.

I highly recommend getting the highest possible Bonus Cards that can be bought using $.

But, how do I gain lots of drift points? This will be discussed in the next section.


5. "Ooh, POINTS!"


Several factors determine how much drift points you can gain:
  • How fast you drift.
  • The angle of your drift.
  • How many active multiplier you have.

Let me provide some tips that will help you get more drift points in a single match:
  • Know your way around the track; don't drift aimlessly. Find a route around the track, and identify which clipping points are worth hitting. If you can form a circuit route around the track with the most clipping points available, stay consistent with that route and keep going in that 'circle'.
  • Find long and shallow corners to rack up points. At those corners, drift at a higher speed with more angle.
  • Not all clipping points are worth hitting. Of course, it's always better going around corners with 3 or 4 clipping points instead of wasting time sliding a corner that has only 1, right?
  • Banking your points is always better than hitting a wall and losing all of them. If you feel like you're gonna hit a wall, just brake hard and stop your car; don't risk losing your points if your aim is to farm Dollar and EXPs.
Additionally, drifting is pretty easy. There are some ways to initiate it, but yanking the handbrake is the easiest of all (at least in this game).

Last but not least, practice makes perfect!


That is all I can provide you so far, and I hope this guide helps, especially for beginners and casual players! Pardon me if there are some grammatical errors, other mistakes, or things like that. This small guide is written based on my own experience, so if you don't feel like this is a guide, think of it as tips and suggestions. Thank you!


Vinyl on car windows: On/Off Toggle

27 December 2016 - 11:19 AM

Hi! I don't know how to make a transition to get into this suggestion, so I guess I'll go straight to the point:

I think it'd be a great idea if there's an on/off toggle for the 'vinyl-on-window' thing. I've been really into making race car design replicas lately since the vinyl system is absolutely amazing (e.g. Logisonic Skyline loooooooool)! The problem here is that when players stretch shapes, logos, etc., it's not possible for them to keep the window color untouched. For example, when I want to stretch a pair of lines from the front bumper to the car's roof, and all the way to the rear bumper (like the iconic stock Dodge Viper's pair of lines), it's not possible to stretch it in one go. Therefore, more layers need to be used.

I personally think that this toggle would be a nice addition in the vinyl editor menu (which makes it separate from the other layers, making it possible to make a layer not exceeding onto the windows while other layers can still be put onto the windows). If this system is implemented, I'm positive that designing liveries (or even just imitating real liveries) willbe even more possible and easier.

The R32

24 December 2016 - 01:33 PM

I really can't wait for the R32! Anyone else waiting for this premium Skyline R32? (I wonder if the visual model will be released in the near future btw) :D