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What came in the last update?

27 April 2017 - 11:37 AM

Saw the game updating on Steam, the size was around 18 MB, but I didn't notice anything different since I haven't been playing lately. Can someone enlighten me?

Server Issues (?)

14 February 2017 - 12:13 PM

It's been quite a while since the last update was implemented. The patch note said that the China, Hong Kong server would be available in 2-3 days, however I'm still getting connection problems when connecting to it; I can't connect at all.

On the USA, Dallas server, however, I can still connect. However, I've been getting connection problems again when queueing for a quick match. Are the servers having problems again?

Version 211 Update - Player Feedback

09 February 2017 - 10:24 AM

Version 211 has been released, and based on the content of the patch, here is my personal review. Others are free to state their opinion/feedback as well on this thread!

  • Additional server: China, Hong Kong

    As a player residing in the Southeast Asia region, this is what I've been waiting for! :wub:
  • All customization parts available for Dollars

    Yup, you've heard it. This allows players to customize cars like crazy! I'm also delighted by this since I'm a customization hoarder.
  • Car physics correction

    I've tried a couple of practice runs, and I can say that the cars somehow feel better. Can't really describe how or why, but it works, and I like it.

  • The DLC system

    Now, before everyone goes crazy, let me elaborate why this goes into the cons section. I'm fine with DLCs; it's a common thing developers implement in games nowadays, and it's also a good way for developers to earn more money for development purposes without using too much microtransaction.

    Peak Angle DLCs revolves around cars that have been finished visually, thus, cars that haven't been finished yet are still somewhat "floating in the air", no idea into which DLC they'll be included into. Now, let me state that I'm still somewhat fine with this, since Peak Angle is still in development.

    What I'm not fine with is that the number of cars included in the DLCs. Peak Angle has 27 (or 26? I hope I didn't miscount) cars in total, including the ones in development. The DLCs will be divided into 4: Russian, Japanese, Germany, and American Car DLCs, each containing 2-4 cars. In the predicted DLCs (all of them consist of already developed cars), the total amount of cars included is around 11, with the rest being the base cars (available upon Peak Angle purchase) and undeveloped DLC cars.

    In other words, there are only 7 cars available in the base game so far (AE-86S 2013, AE-86S 1986, 3S COUPE 2010, GTR-34 2002, STRONGER 2015, DRX-7 1986, DRX-8 2008). The rest of the cars (including the undeveloped ones) are marked as DLC cars. This means too many cars are included in DLCs.

    Now then, some players may argue that they can still buy the DLCs. However, new players (as players with more than 500k Credit at any time of their gameplay before Ver. 211 update can buy any DLC car without having to purchase the DLC) may find the car store page, with only 7 cars available for purchase (in the base game w/o DLCs), and the rest are DLC contents, rather ridiculous. This may lead to negative Steam reviews by new players.

After reviewing the content of this update, I would like to rate this update 4/10. The overall of the update is for the game's good, and it is good. However, for a car drifting game that allows customization and car collection that is already pay-to-play from the start, the DLCs are way too demanding; the minus 6 points from the rating is because of the DLC alone since almost 3/4 of the game's cars are DLC cars. Therefore, although I know this is for the game's good, it is a disappointing update. :unsure:

Version 211 Update - Question

09 February 2017 - 08:49 AM

According to the Version 211 Patch Note, there will be no in-game credits anymore (cars and stuff will be available for Dollar currency). This leaves me with a couple of questions:
  • Will players lose their Credits, or will the currency be changed into something else?
    e.g. Before Version 211 update, I had 350k Credits. Will I lose all of it and get a compensation? I realize that there may be players who have spent money on Credits, and those Credits may have been left unused for savings in case more Credit contents are released in the future.
  • *This was answered by viewing steam immediately*

So far, those are the questions I've got. I highly appreciate that the devs decided to convert current Credit contents into Dollars, allowing more players to experience the game wholly. :)

Credit Car Choices: S13 or Classic Bimma?

31 January 2017 - 01:17 AM

I'm planning to buy another credit car, but I'm still not sure about my choice.

I'm interested in the S13, but I'm not sure how the car will perform (I don't know if the one in the event mode is fully upgraded and pre-tuned in a certain way so that it feels really light). The same goes with the Classic Bimma; I don't know how the car feels at all.

So, for S13 and Bimma owners, any suggestion?

Already decided, so I guess Bimma owners could tell me how the Bimma feels? I still want that thing as well lol