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Some suggestions

06 January 2017 - 08:31 PM

I have some suggestions that I hope will be thought out by developers.

1. When purchase premium vehicle should include free garage place for it.
2. Purchase of garage space should cost 25,000 or 50,000. Current option first for 50,000, second 75,000, third 100,000 etc. is too expensive and its hard for players who want to have all vehicles in garage.
3. I wish for add more iconic vehicles in drift like: BMW E36, BMW E46, BMW E39, BMW E60, Ford Mustang V generation from 2004, with lifting in 2009, Dodge Viper, at least one Mercedes like W123, 190E, W124 or 500SEC, first Skyline GT-R C10 series from 1969, Chevy Camaro V, iconic Datsun 240Z/280Z
4. Add some presets for Tuning.
5. Fix vinyls system because it has a lot of small bugs - mainly when want to reflect vinyl, reflected is not in same position, strange stripes when using rectangle vinyl, toggle on/off vinyl on window - same suggestion what was in previous topic.
6. Add option for dimming or change colour of windows like purple or green. Of course its possible to do now by vinyls, but it requires a lot of layers and much work to do it perfect.
7. Increase layers limit, I suppose it's matter on server load, but increase as much as it possible.
8. Add more maps, definitely should be something like this route of final race in FF: Tokyo Drift when Shaun drove green Mustang.

Thats all what I remember right now, regards.

Twins & Tandems!

29 December 2016 - 12:59 AM

If You are bored of the game with ghosts, if You want to play with real time opponents, if You haven't friends who can play with You in Peak Angle, if You tried to join one of Peak Angle Hamachi network but You can't join or all are full, feel free to join network which I created on Hamachi:

Network ID: Peak Angle 2017
Password: blank field, not required to join


edit./// On Hamachi seems to be a problem with connection, but Tunngle working correctly. If someone want to make an appointment for twin or tandem, just write in this topic.

Driving together giving more fun :)