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10 December 2016 - 09:25 PM

I have got a decent amount of the achievements in game but they don't show up on Steam. On Steam it just shows that I only have one achievement (A class). And now that I look at the achievements on Steam I should have like 50-75% of them unlocked.The Steam achievements don't matter that much and I have got them in game and got the money for them so it's all good but just wanted to point this out.

I also wanted to ask about the review reward. I'm not sure if I got it. I made the review on the first day the game got released. So I was just wondering if you could some how check if you have given it to me. On the following days of the release I bought a few garage spaces and I did'n keep that good track on how much money do I have. So might have just missed it but I was just wondering if you could somehow check it. If you have given me the money, thank you, I really appreciate it! And sorry for being sloppy! (in-game nick: PullaMusoli ID: 253)

The screenshot contest

09 November 2016 - 07:47 PM

I already posted a topic to the moderated section but because the post isnt out yet im going to write here before I go to sleep.

A few hours ago I was about to enter the contest that was going on but the winners were already picked. In the original post (28.09) they said that the contest ends after 14 days (on 11.10) but it seems like it ended 2 days early. And since I thought that I had 2 days left I didnt get my pictures in. I think this isnt fair and I hope that you could give me (and the others that didnt get in) a chance to enter because we were supposed to have 2 more days to enter.

The screenshot contest

09 November 2016 - 06:02 PM

So I was just about to enter the contest when I saw that you had already ended the contest... The contest was announced on the 28 of October and you said that you would determine the winners after 14 days which is not today. The contest should have ended two days from now on the 11 day of November.

So I thought I still had time to enter the contest and I might not be the only one. I think this isn't fair and I am asking you to give me (and all the others that haven't entered yet) a chance to still enter the competition because its not fair to end the competition 2 days before you said you would end it.


27 October 2016 - 07:37 PM

So first of all I want to apoligize my behaiviour on the livery contest. I still think that I should have been one of the winners but the way I complained and whined about it was stupid and childish so sorry for that. I hope that my apology is accepted and we can all forget this and move on.

And since I didnt win the 1 million credits but I would really like to buy more cars, I have decided to buy more credits. But before I do so I would really like to know how the garage space prices work. So the first one was 25k dollars, next one 25k credits, then 50k credits and the one that I havent bought yet is 75k credits. So I would like to know do they continue to go up like 75k, 100k, 125k, 150k, 175... and so on. Or does the rising stop at some point. For exaple at 100k? (So they would go like 75, 100, 100, 100...) I would really like to know so that I could count a bit how much money i have to put in.