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Forum rules

Welcome to Peak Angle: Drift Online`s official forum!

This forum is intented for communication between the game`s players and it is administered by the developers of Peak Angle: Drift Online.
The Administration reserves the right to suspend the access to the forum at any time.

Before posting any information, be sure to read the forum RULES.

1. General information:
1.1 Present rules are a set of demands put forward to all forum participants by the Administration of this resource.
Rules are made up by the Administration and are the primary ones when it comes to managing conflicts that occur on the forum.

1.2 Present rules apply to all forum sections and must be strictly obeyed by all participants of this forum.

1.3 Ignorance of present rules excuses no one.

1.4 Forum is open for everyone.

1.5 The official language is english. Using transliteration or language distortion is strictly prohibited.

1.6 All posted messages express the opinion of the authors. The Administration is not responsible for the reliability and legality of the published information.

1.7 Forum rules can be changed by the Administration of the resource unilaterally without any notification in advance.

1.8 By registering on this forum, the participant accepts the Rules & Terms of it.

1.9 This forum does not require any personal information from the participant.

1.10 All registered users must be 18+.

2. Rights and obligations of participants:
2.1 Each participant has the right to:
- express its opinion and defend its position if this doesn`t violate the forum Rules.
- demand the compliance with the Rules from other forum participants.
- be interested in the position and/or about the experience of other forum participants if this doesn`t violate the forum Rules.
- publish relevant information that may be helpful for other forum participants (if this doesn`t violate the forum Rules) except for the information which contains direct or hidden advertising.
- contest the actions commited against him/her by moderators, by addressing to the Administration.

2.2 Choosing a username during registration.
It is strictly prohibited to use:
- meaningless set of letters and digits.
- obscene words, expressions (in any language), words and expressions that may sound obscene or images that may be interpreted as abusive.
- names of organizations or officials on condition that the user doesn`t represent any of these.
- names that make allusion to racial, national or religious supremacy which one way or another can insult a particular ethnic group.

2.3 Choosing an avatar during registration.
It is strictly prohibited to use:
- avatars depicting intimate parts of the body.
- avatars associated with sex and violence.
- avatars depicting historical or political leaders.
- avatars with copyright, without the consent to use from the copyright owner.
- avatars depicting narcotic and psychotropic substances in any form.
- avatars promoting racial, political or religious supremacy, as well as avatars depicting logos, symbols, numbers which can trigger a negative reaction.

2.4 Regardless of who was the author of the published message/information, the entire responsibility relies on the owner of the account.

2.5 Each participant has the right to place images and signatures if these don`t violate the forum Rules and don`t exceed the size of 450x100 px.

2.6 Each participant has the right to create only one account. Exceptions can be made only with the permission of the Administration.

3. Creating new topics. Posting messages.
3.1 It is strictly prohibited to name topics or post messages containing obscene words, expressions, as well as insulting other forum participants by means of false information, defamation or advertising.
3.2 It is strictly prohibited to post messages not related to the topic of the forum/section with an excess of emoticons and images as well as overquoting.
3.3 It is strictly prohibited to discuss on political topics.
3.4 It is strictly prohibited to create topics or post messages in which Administration`s actions are discussed.
3.5 It is strictly prohibited to reply to messages that violate the forum Rules.
3.6 It is strictly prohibited to distribute any information that could harm the participants or the Administration of the forum.
3.7 It is strictly prohibited to create topics that were recently closed by the Administration.
3.8 It is strictly prohibited to place harmful content, including ways to crack games, links to malware software as well as dissemination of "piracy".
3.9 It is strictly prohibited to use red color for texts.
3.10 It is strictly prohibited to use bold font without serious need.
3.11 It is strictly prohibited to use text formatting in the center and on the left side.

4. Administrators and moderators.
4.1 Moderators - are officials assigned by the Administration, who are responsible for the compliance of participants with the forum`s rules.
The «Moderators» inscription under the name of the participant confirms its status.
4.2 Administrators - are the developers of the project, supervising moderators` work.
The «Administrators» inscription under the name of the participant confirms its status.
4.3 For disobeying the forum Rules, Administrators and Moderators can use the following as sanctions:
- verbal warning.
- warning (massive or personal).
- editing the message, moving the message to a different forum section or deleting the message.
- temporary deprivation for publishing new messages.
- disabling the account.

4.4 The type and term of the sentence is determined by the administration and moderators according to their notions of justice, morality and ethics.
4.5 In different cases, the administrators and moderators can punish the participant even if its actions don`t fall under the present Rules.